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Where to get free riot points 2013?

In the universe of action games, League of Legends is one game that has a massive group of ardent followers ever since it had been launched last year. And going by the current craze, it is only gaining in popularity and continues to lure gamers. As Riot Points certainly one of the two in game money is known. They certainly were previously referred to as fight points. You can buy riot points and use them to buy anything that you feel would enhance your gaming experience from the store. There are lots of options for customization. Some of the examples of the things that can be purchased with riot points are champs, champ skins, and XP and IP increases.
Finally after months of decoding and encoding we was able to establish a application which will function with Riot Games database and create you prepaid card codes. Every thing is simple, merely click on 1350RP button or 3150RP button and the program will creates you the prepaid card codes desired. It is possible to generate up to 20 prepaid card codes for 1350RP and up to 20 for 3150RP.
So What Can You Buy With free riot point codes?

Champions: Purchase champions to increase your playable champions.
Skins: Get skins for your favourite champions.
Internet Protocol Address and XP Increases : Increase the amount of expertise and Influence Points you gain in every League of Legends game.
Name Change: A summoner name change, switch your League of Legends name.
Rune Pages: Buy extra rune pages to give you more rune choices.

This is the only area where you can get $ 10 Riot Codes and $ 25 Riot Codes for free! Due to popular demand, this is only able to give out 500 code downloads each week. There was only a small amount we have. You might be restricted to at least one (1) lol rp down load per person because of this.
The riot codes work and are 100% practical.

League of Legends - Riot Points Codes Giveaway!
We gurantee all Riot Codes listed here are fresh and therefore prepared to be redeemed.
Note : please check always in a few minutes, If all Codes are Unavailable. Our site manager is updating the list every few seconds. It will automatically be marked as Unavailable, once a code has been taken.
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